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Almost Grown...Up

Nov 18, 2022

This week we are back in the blanket fort and it's all about games! Lucie chats with Game Designer Elaine Gomez  - about what is a game, how do we design them, what can we learn from games to help us through life and the power of community to make change.
Elaine Gomez  is a game designer at Brass Lion Entertainment, an independent Unity developer and games educator. She also co-founded Latinx in gaming a non-profit organization creating a community and advocating for resources to game professionals identifying as Latinx in the US and Latin America.
And together we dive into the world of games and game design. Where she talks us through the power of games and gives a few ideas about how we might apply them into our lives.
You can find more from Elaine Gomez on twitter @chulatastic and more about Latinx in Gaming here