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Almost Grown...Up

May 25, 2023

This week we are back in the blanket fort and finding new ways to look at the world. Lucie sits down with Alice Spadaro to discuss how play can help us relearn the world around us and how we can use rituals to connect with ourselves, explore more and rekindle some childhood wonder. This episode is a celebration of the power of exploration and expansion. 

Alice (@lalispa) believes in the healing power of art and synergy. She loves to tell stories and play with images, words, and rituals, immersing herself in continual research of tactile and synaesthetic experiences. Trained both as a designer and massage therapist, she explores the liminal space between these two worlds to find ways of amplifying our phantasy and helping soothe our emotions. 
She writes a monthly Lunar Letter, a journey through time and space, following the changes that happen around and inside us. Find out more and subscribe here

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